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About Mark

Mark Nash is a well known face in Hillsborough County due to his community activism.  Having grown up in Brandon, before that area exploded in growth, he truly understands the importance of smart planning and proper growth management.


A graduate of Brandon High School, with a mother that taught for many years in the public school system, Mark values the role education plays in creating better jobs and attracting businesses to our county.

His ancestral roots run deep, dating back in the county a century and a half.  Did you know Drew Field was built by one of Mark's relatives - local developer John H. Drew?  Drew was also responsible, along with Hugh MacFarlane and two others, for the development of West Tampa.  Streets in West Tampa are named for Nash's four relatives, the daughters of John Drew, Cordelia, Kathleen, Aileen and Ivy.  

Nash has blue collar roots and driven work ethic.  While attending FSU, Mark worked hard to fund his education as a life guard, a substitute janitor in Hillsborough County schools, bagged groceries and was employed by Florida Steel.  He even picked crops in the field.  There isn't a job too difficult for Mark Nash to tackle.  He graduated from FSU with a degree in criminology.

A high school athlete who won a district title in tennis, and a huge sports fan, Mark believes in supporting our local teams, but not at the expense of taxpayers.  Fiscal responsibility must balance all that enhances our quality of life.

Mark worked in the private sector and has been a political consultant to local, state and federal campaigns.  Previously as County Commissioner Kevin Beckner's Chief of Staff, Mark is the only candidate with true HCBOCC experience. His business acumen and years of consulting shaped him as a strong advocate for good government and solutions-driven leadership.

A tireless supporter and advocate of Hillsborough County, Mark Nash has the proven skills and qualities we need representing us.





Paid by Mark Nash, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 7.
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