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Innovative Transit Solutions

Hillsborough County needs to look toward the future. Year after year, we’ve sat paralyzed and failed to move forward with the transit infrastructure a growing region needs. In the meantime, similar regions across the country have passed us by, welcoming trains, planes, and automobiles. We have dozens of studies on this that have been completed over the years. It’s time to stop studying and start acting.



Better Jobs

Better paying jobs drive our local economy.  It's essential that we provide the necessary training, educational opportunities and attract corporations that will contribute to our growth.  More jobs that pay better will improve our county's quality of life.


Smart Growth

The people of Hillsborough are demanding smart growth, but too many Commissioners are not listening. The solutions to our problems with sprawl are simple, but they require saying "no" to powerful people sometimes. The current Commission finds it very difficult to turn down lobbyist money and say “NO” to developments that create sprawl. This county deserves Commissioners who will put the needs of the people first and focus on development that helps our communities instead of hurting them. Let’s listen to experts, not to people who are profiting at the expense of Hillsborough families.

Affordable Housing

Rents are rising faster than wages and families are struggling to find affordable housing in Hillsborough County. Fast growth has many advantages for our region, but it also requires careful stewardship of new development. Unfortunately, our current County Commissioners are not making good on their responsibility to guide and manage development. With a commitment to serving the needs of the people, we can stop the rapid increase in rents and make housing affordable throughout the county.

Upgraded Infrastructure

Flooded streets, potholes, aging pipes and drainage systems coupled with a backlog of road issues and antiquated systems plague Hillsborough County communities.  They can't continue to be ignored.  We must find efficient and constructive ways to invest the necessary funding to fix it.

Paid by Mark Nash, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 7.
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