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Nash in the News


Mark Nash on Podcast with DJ Moyo and Brenda Ruiz

Mark Nash with DJ Moyo and Brenda Ruiz discussing some hot Hillsborough County topics. During the podcast Nash shared his views and explained why it's important for voters to understand what is at stake in this election and how it will effect our quality of life for years to come.


Tiger Bay Club Candidates Forum for Hillsborough County Commission, District 7

Here's the full uncut version of the forum.


Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Interviews Mark Nash

Disclaimer: The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates.


Human Rights Council marks Washington march with awards

Brandon High School graduate and Lithia resident Mark Nash, president of the council, is working with Norma Reno and Stacie Blake Collins to stage the Dec. 13 breakfast, which includes the presentation of nine awards, including one to a group of local residents who participated in the March on Washington on Aug. 28, 1963.

“They will be recognized for the courage and resolve it took in 1963, to take whatever means of transportation was available, be it train, bus or automobile, to join the March on Washington for jobs and freedom,” Nash said. “That was the famous march, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., where hundreds of thousands of Americans, black, white and from every socioeconomic class, came to draw the line to stop bigotry and to create a better America that includes everybody.”


Civic Activist Nash Runs for Hillsborough Commission

Nash cited his background as a problem solver in the business world and the lack of leadership from the Commission as his reasons for running.

“I’m running because I’m not afraid to take on the challenges we face,” Nash said. “This race is about bringing people together and finding solutions – I’m the person to get the job done.”


Victor Crist draws prominent Democratic challenger for commission seat

Running against an incumbent is often an uphill battle for challengers, but this year could be different. Activists established a website called “flip the commission” after four of the board’s Republicans voted to make donors pay to remove the Confederate Statue that was in front of the Hillsborough County Courthouse. Crist is one of those four.


Mark Nash aims for District 5 seat on Hillsborough County Commission

“Employers want to come to a place that’s open to all their employees. Despite the Commission, our leaders have worked to create a great place to grow a business and create jobs, this decision trampled all over that work and set us back,” Nash said. “Hillsborough needs more collaborators who will do what’s right for the county instead of appeasing the radical fringe of their political party. I don’t shy away from tough choices, I think those moments define us.”


Mark Nash files against Commissioner Victor Crist

Nash, 55, of Lithia, said he's running because of what he calls poor decisions by commissioners on transit, growth, infrastructure and the "circus around the Confederate monument downtown."


Strategists thrive on political challenges

Nash, a Florida native with generational roots in Brandon, volunteered on the Justice campaign and worked with Kates on Mary Mulhern's upset victory over Councilman Shawn Harrison for a citywide seat. He was Beckner's legislative aide before resigning to work for Saul-Sena. Contesting territory In the Beckner-Blair race, Kates and Nash executed a "countywide" plan, refusing to concede even the most conservative strongholds to Blair.



Paid by Mark Nash, Democrat, for Hillsborough County Commission, District 7.
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